How to Restore Your Headlights PERMANENTLY! (DIY)

Tired of your headlights looking like this?


You could go to a detailing shop and get the 20 minute treatment, which really doesn’t look too bad. But get ready to be paying for that restoration again soon! Most times, when a shop does headlight restorations, they are not meant to last!

I’m about to show you a great way to restore your headlights by removing all yellowing of the surface, known as oxidation, and then sealing the restoration with acrylic clear coat.

Supplies you’ll need:

-Assorted sandpaper grits (400,800,1500,2000)

-Soapy water

-Scratch remover/polish

-electric buffer

-clear coat spray

-twin cartridge breather mask/painters breathing mask

-spray detailer/wax

-lots of microfiber towels

So to start out, make sure to clean the area where you are working as good as you can. You don’t want to sand dirt particles into your headlights!

Now we have to tape off all of the edges around the headlight, as to not damage your paint on the bumper, fender, or anything else that surrounds the headlight. Blue Painter’s tape works great!


After you finish taping off the edges, rinse the area and grab your trusty bottle of soapy water and spray away. Make sure to spray your 400 grit sandpaper for the next step! Some people say to soak your sandpaper in soapy water for up to an hour before wet-sanding in this fashion, but in my experience I’ve gotten perfectly normal results from just keeping the paper soaking wet during sanding constantly.

BE SURE to keep both the sandpaper and the surface of the headlight completely soaking wet. This is critical as to not gouge the surface of the headlight too deeply to achieve a perfect finish.

Now its time to wet-sand the headlight! I like to sand in horizontal (left to right) patterns in the 400 grit step so that later on, when we spray clear coat, the clear coat has a surface to cling on to that opposes gravity and prevents runs.


Make sure that you sand the entire surface of the headlight! It helps sometimes to section off parts of the headlights and do them one at a time for more complex shaped housings, but most of the time its simply just a matter of cover all of your grounds.

For headlights with a lot of corners and crevices, here is a cool product you can get at most auto parts stores:

This product above must be used with a polish, so in this case 400-grit to 2000 grit polish set.

When you complete your 400 grit wet-sand, rinse the surface with water. you should see a milky residue washing off, which is the oxidation you are removing. Now it’s time to move up to the 800 grit. It is the same process for every sandpaper grit, so just repeat these steps!

Now you are all done with your sanding job. Here is where the real fun begins. Completely dry the headlights and the areas around them. To speed up the process, I sometimes use a hair dryer or a heat gun on the lowest setting until there’s no moisture left.

Next, we have to tape on some protection around the area of the headlight in order to protect from over-spray onto other areas. At home, i like to use heavy-duty copy paper. There are also rolls of paper you can get at home-depot for this exact application, which also works great!

9 - How to Remove Scratches from a Car - headlights taped off with painter's tape

Now that you have all of your areas around the headlight protected, we can spray our clear coat!

Depending on what quality clear coat you decide to use, you must have some form of lung protection. This is what I used on this particular restoration:


but this clear coat has its problems. I used it so I don’t have to worry about poisonous fumes harming the small animals in my house in any way, but it is more prone to developing small cracks and chips.

A more professional clear coat is this:

You need a twin cartridge charcoal breathing mask to use it, because the fumes are so harmful. But man, the results are spectacular!

When spraying clear coat, you want to start spraying before going over the headlight, quickly move the spray over the headlight, and stop spraying only after you are no longer directly over the headlight. This is critical so that you don’t develop thick spots of clear coat and ultimately running of the coat.

Here is a short video demonstration to make sure that this step is total clear:

How To Spray Paint

Wait 5-10 minutes after you have done your first coat, and then do a second one! and then one more after that! I like to have a thick layer, at least three coats, of clear coat on the surface so there is more room for error when polishing.

Now that you’ve done your three coats of clear coat, you’ll have wait at least 24 hours before attempting to sand the coat you’ve just applied. If you have the time, the longer you wait, the better. For this job, I usually wait about 48 hours. This is what it should look like after waiting:


Now that you’ve waited 24-48 hours, it’s time to do the entire sanding procedure again!! Start with your 400, and move on all the way to you 2000 grit sandpaper. make sure to keep the two surface as wet as possible when sanding.

Here are some photos of when I was sanding the clear coat on this 2008 Ford Escape (which has some pretty tricky headlights by the way):


You can literally see the yellow disappear with every sand! This yellowing is not from oxidation, because that was already removed at this stage. This is typical yellowing of clear coat before its been polished.

When you are done sanding the clear coat finish, you should have a clean, dry, and hazy white headlight like in the far right picture. Now you’ll need some polish and an electric buffer. Here is the polish I use:


Here is the buffer with a 100% wool pad that I got from Harbor Freight for around 30$:


Remember not to hold the buffer on the same spot when polishing, always keep the buffer moving so that you don’t over-heat the surface. Do this step twice to be sure you’ve polished every square inch!

Next, work that polish into the headlight with a microfiber rag. You’ll end up with a pretty handsome headlight!

and finally, grab your spray detailer or spray wax, and work that stuff into your newly polished headlight.

Now you have brand-new looking headlights that you just restored YOURSELF! These results will last years, and if they are properly maintained with periodic washes and waxes, the results will last you a lifetime.

Thanks for reading! Follow my blog for more writes about literally anything under the sun. Comment about what you’d like me to write about, or if you have a better way to do things, let me know!

-Killer Miller




Sea of Thieves Closed Beta: First Impressions


So, my friends got the closed beta for Sea of Thieves and they have been playing the living hell out of it. I was able to see the cross-compatibility between Xbox One and PC in the same room, which was insane. One guy on the computer, one guy on xbox, playing the SAME GAME IN THE SAME SERVER. IN THE SAME ROOM. Here are some of my first impressions:

THE WATER!!! Seriously, the water is one of the best things about this game. I know it doesn’t tell you anything about the game or how fun it is or anything, but jesus christ its some damn breathtaking water graphics. Even going underwater gives me a little anxiety because it reminds me of when I went down really deep in the actual ocean and I looked upwards and thought “Oh my god, THIS is freaky.” It’s the best water animations in any game today. Definitely a game worth checking out just because of that feat of design.


The gameplay is pretty stupendous. Let’s say you and a friend are going to play a game of Sea of Thieves. You guys are both going to spawn in a boat together on or near an island, and your main goal is to get treasure chests (found by doing quests and following maps/clues) and selling them for gold. Just for reference, 100 gold coins is not really a lot but kind of significant, and 600 gold is probably something worth fighting for if you’re not a wuss. I guess it sounds pretty simple to do when i talk about it, but you also have to be wary of other players, either on Xbox or PC might I add, in their own ships ready to attack your boat, murder you all and take your goodies that you just worked so hard to get. Additionally, you have to travel by sailboat to all of your locations using the actual physics from the wind, the sail, the rudders, and all that other real-world stuff that makes the game super immersive. You might spend 30 minutes just trying to fend your ship off from banditos while on your way to an island just on the horizon. Once you get to the island, you risk having your ship ransacked by anyone that can even see your ship’s silhouette on the horizon, as well as the usual skeleton enemies that appear on land. The combination of the water and realistic sailing makes the battles in this game just SO F$%^ING FUN.


The animation quality and the graphics in general are sort of like real-world imitations mixed with the adult version of the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The cartoonish people and objects juxtaposed with almost real environments is pretty crazy and really immerses you inside of the screen you’re playing. Almost like humans and things that are man-made actually looked that way on the real planet earth.

This is the kind of game you could play for hours and hours and hours on end without stopping because of the nature of the gameplay. Everything I talked about in this little blurb about the game is not even the tip of the iceberg to what the game offers. Check out the videos, pre-order the game, PLAY THE BETA. It’s available for play until 7:00 AM EST Wednesday, January 24th, 2018.

Long story short– it’s so good. REALLY GOOD. Full game releases in March 2018. That’s right, this review was on a pretty limited version of the full game, as said by the FAQ section on the official Sea of Thieves website forums.

“…we want to keep a good selection of things up our sleeves for players to discover at launch.” -Emma Bridle, Engagement Manager, Sea of Thieves


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5 Jobs You Could Get From Being a Video Game Addict


Have you ever wondered what those video-game playing nerds and losers we all knew in high school ended up doing in life after graduation? Or are you one of those supposed imbeciles yourself and are wondering what the next step is? LOOK NO FURTHER! Here are the top 5 life traits that you get from being addicted to video games, written by a dude that was literally glued to the screen for years.

1. Stenographer/Typing


I don’t know about you, but I had an excellent record of knowing how to spell, read, and type quickly at a very early age from being completely engulfed by MMORPGs like RuneScape. I won three spelling bees in elementary school for god’s sake. There is an immense amount of dialogue to be read with absolutely no voice-overs (Old School RuneScape), as well as my first experiences being a keyboard warrior over some stupid idiot trolling me came from this game. I can only imagine what my words-per-minute were when I was speed-typing insults, not to mention the incredible attention to grammar. If you spelled even one word wrong in the midst of your keyboard rampage, you would just automatically lose any argument according to OSRS trollers.

2. Surgeon/Doctor


I can name tons of first-person shooters that made me really really focus on some little dots moving on my screen that were apparently enemies, much like how a doctor must pay attention to detail on their patients during surgery or else the people start finding toenail clippers between their kidneys. Equip a gaming addict of this type with a couple of scalpels and scrubs, you just might have a next-level surgeon on your hands…?

 3. Manager/Team Leader


If you’re the type of guy that takes control of the team on your PUBG squad, you could probably be a team leader at any retail joint. Just take action, do what you KNOW needs to be done, and execute the responsibilities the way YOU know it’ll be done right. Not to mention thinking on your feet. Like when one person in your squad starts shooting at people that are a mile away and you’re trying to be sneaky? Like, what do you do? Just lose the game? A real team leader would overcome the obstacle and carry us to VICTORY! (Meeting this week’s sales goals)

4. Race Car Driver


If you find yourself playing endless hours of Forza Horizon 3 drifting corners, drag racing, and making your car as fast as physically possible, why not try the real thing? Take out a loan and get a shitty car and make it fast. Win some races. Next thing you know you could be on NASCAR, making that LEFT TURN!

5. Historian


Have you ever met somebody who is a gamer that has an undying fascination about in-game universe lore? Games like the Elder Scrolls series, Dungeons and Dragons, and the like have all kinds of incredibly in-depth stories with details such as names, dates, historical events, and everything else it takes to make the immersion of the game as real as possible. Some people could write a history book about the Elder Scrolls lore. You should see the hundreds of videos that are basically history lessons on these fictional realms. Why not do it for real? Why not learn everything about the real world in the same fashion? You’d be a historian.

Defining Gaming in 2018: PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG)


Hello readers, I am back from my short hiatus. Get ready for much more content flow!

Listen, if you haven’t already played PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround (PUBG) then you are OUT OF THE LOOP for 2018 gaming. Check out the trailer below!

The latest stats on the game go something like this according to SteamSpy:

-27.4 million owners

-20 million active players per week

-Average Playtime is 177 minutes

-Sold over 3 million copies of the game upon release on the Xbox One console

There have also been 7 World Records given to the game’s creators since early access in March 2017!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.56.31 PM

1. Fastest time to sell 1 million units for a Steam Early Access game

2. Fastest Steam Early Access game to gross $100 million

3. First videogame to reach 2 million concurrent players on Steam

4. Most actively played game on Steam

5. Most concurrent players for a Steam Early Access game

6. Most concurrent players on Steam for a non-Valve videogame

7. First non-Valve videogame to be the most played game on Steam

I look at these numbers and think “Holy crap. Those are game-changing numbers. Congratulations on the smart move Microsoft.”

PUBG is similar to games like H1Z1 or DayZ in terms of gameplay and goals, but lack the existence of zombies in the game. This, to me, is a good thing considering the zombie-shooter industry has been so over-saturated for so many years. On the Xbox version of the game, it does struggle to keep the graphics operational and the FR at 30fps or higher as of January of 2018, but updates to improve gameplay are sure to come, as promise by PUBG Corp. The two things that make this game considerably different is that there is NO offline campaign/single player features to speak of, as well as the extremely massive multiplayer. The multiplayer games feature a whopping 100 players on an island spanning approximately 7 to 7.5 kilometers of playable area. By the way, there are SOON TO BE UPDATES for MORE MAPS!


You start out a typical PUBG match in a “green room” of sorts, where all players can see eachother, are invincible, and have access to all weapons. I found this really helpful when I was a new player so I didn’t have to scrounge for all the best weapons in-game just to not be familiar with how to use it and miss every shot. It gave me the opporunity to see how these guns react, how the sights are, how grenades can we used, etc., but its also just fun to punch other people mindlessly while waiting for the game to load.


Then, after a few minutes, you appear a few thousand feet above the map inside of a plane where you must choose the location you are going to drop into via parachute. This part of the game can improve or lower your chances of winning, because when you land you are not safe to just wait out the game until nobody can find you and thus winning the game. The developers designed a system where you have player restriction zones, which appears as a circle on the map that all players must go to unless they want to rapidly lose health. Take that, trolling douches.


Upon landing, you must immediately begin to raid homes and buildings for guns, health, ammo, and protection to put into your inventory system that would be oh-so familiar to you if you ever played any open-world zombie survival games. This is where the real fun begins! You must fight to stay alive against other players while staying within the restriction zone until 99 of all 100 people have been eliminated. Kind of like hunger games. Last one standing wins! Now go get em, Katniss.


Here’s some gameplay footage to get you pumped!

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Season 11 of X-Files set to release in January 2018


Wow, it has been just beyond a quarter of a century ago that The X-Files made its debut and successfully so. If you’re like me, you’ve watch all ten seasons of the sci-fi series with your mother over the course of a couple of months or you’ve binged watched 14 episodes in one night and then bought a t-shirt the next day. Yes, its that good of a series. There are a lot of die-hard fans for this show and rightfully so. It has some great plot writing for its episodes (some occasional not-so-great writing also), cameo appearances of countless actors that you all know and love, and a fantastic overarching conspiracy story that pokes at the raised eyebrows the general public has always had about the honesty of our government.

Get ready to hear that unmistakable sound 10 times next year.

The new season of the X-Files is set to release on January 3rd, 2018 on FOX!! That’s right, 25 years after the release of the pilot, season 11 is releasing at the dawn of the new year with a comeback of so many actors like Mitch Pileggi, William B. Davis, Robert Patrick, as well as several already planned cameo appearances. It makes the ‘sci-fi nerd’ section of my brain’s mouth water. Not only is it going to be a throwback, it also offers us TEN EPISODES, which is 4 more episodes that season 10 released last year.

Check out this trailer!!





I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve been trying to install RuneScape on my iPad and iPhone for years now. I never got it to work, but now we are nearing the culmination of all modern human technology: RuneScape Mobile. It is completely cross-platform, so you can log into the same worlds with the same graphics and interact with people playing on PC. 

“We’re the first MMORPG of serious scale to attempt full cross-platform support and a mobile-optimised interface. It’s been a fascinating challenge so far but it is a far bigger project than what was originally thought!” -Mod Stone, Jagex. November 18, 2017

This is the game we’ve all loved since its release, and now you can grind up those levels on your tank pure on the go. I feel like a giddy little kid just writing this blog post because I have been waiting for this release for years. I only ever thought it would come true in my dreams.

Old School RuneScape on mobile is set to release in early 2018 with RS3 to be released later in the year.

TorvestaRS, a well known RuneScape youtuber, testing out the PK mechanics on mobile.

Jakeyosaurus checking out the beta mobile experience.

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Tekken 7: A New Standard for Fighting Games


Gigas annihilating some poor girl. Shouldn’t have picked a fight with big red man.

Tekken 7 was an arousing success for Namco Entertainment with the release of the innovative fighting game in June 2017. This game brought a new and improved deck of cards to the table; they were the first to develop a game with the game engine Unreal Engine 4, the new ‘Rage Art’ moves unique to every character, ‘Power Crush’ moves, which are moves that let your attack continue even while you’re getting hit by your opponent, and ‘Rage Drive’ and ‘EX/Super’ meters were also added to special character for even more innovative super moves. To clarify, these ‘rage’ systems are completely different from the system implicated in Tekken 6; in Tekken 7, when your health gets low enough, your character will glow red and you have the option to press R1 (RB) or perform a manual combo to activate a powerful move that guarantees a certain amount of health damage to be dealt to your opponent.

This is a huge improvement from Tekken 6, which is outperformed by Tekken 7 in not only design features and improvements with graphical content but also lacks the precision responsiveness of the button action that Tekken 7 has. In my experience, after you learn to play Tekken 7 and get used to luxuries of the game, reverting back to games like Tekken 6 or Mortal Kombat requires a bit of a latency adjustment in your playing.

This game was the best selling physical software in North America in June of 2017, and topped the charts in Japan in its first week of the arcade release, selling over 58,000 copies in Japan alone. This is a first for Namco in over 19 years, since the release of Tekken 3 on the PlayStation 1.

How could I forget? The customization of the characters is hilarious and AWESOME. You can do so much with it; make your characters look hilarious, unrecognizable, badass, or anything you want really. The way you unlock these objects and colors and outfits for your characters is through ‘Treasure Mode’, where you fight CPUs that are gradually more powerful and offer you in-game currency, items, and status symbols upon defeat. Not to mention the ultra-sexy soundtrack you get to listen to while you create your own little Frankenstein monster.

For gameplay I tend to stick with the larger, high-damage characters like Jack-7, Gigas, and Kuma, so my review of personal gameplay would mostly be from the perspective of these type of characters. Although, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing and figuring out the quirks of many other characters in order to give myself the advantage to beat them.

I mainly use Gigas, a humungous humanoid fighter that has nearly OP moves if used correctly. His range is huge, damage is huge, but he is slow at times. This drawback requires you to carefully place your attacks, random button-smashing usually ends up with a squished Gigas. His rage art does an immense amount of damage, and is really something to avoid using frequently if you want to keep your friends. There is also a move called “Kill Dozer” that, when used in succession, can result in a QUICK perfect match against almost anybody. You just gotta watch out for those little guys with lighting punches like Law, Steve, Jin, and Hwoarang. But I still beat them with Gigas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tekken 7 is a must-have in your collection of games, it is the best arcade fighter I’ve seen in a while. Here are some of my favorite game clips for your enjoyment.


Here is Gigas destroying some innocent bystander.


This is an example of pro-level playing on Tekken 7. The combos are INSANE.

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Vaporwave: The Unique Aesthetic of Underground Mood Music of the early 2010s

Here is a personal favorite choice of music from this genre.


Let the late 80s and early 90s style synth keyboard sounds aptly paired with the stimulating record crackle envelop you in its warmness.

Vaporwave is a unique throwback genre of mood music that began emerging in the early 2010s, as well as a style and aesthetic, that built up its audience almost exclusively from websites like Reddit,, and 4chan.  Many Vaporwave tracks are remixes and manipulations of smooth jazz, R&B, funk, and 80s pop tracks, and the result is a uniquely innovative combination of decades-old music and modern audio techniques.

The aesthetics of this cultural phenomenon features 1990s-era web design styles, television, advertisements, glitch art from previous decades, and cyberpunk tropes (a subgenre of science fiction film that was popular in the 80s. Ex. Blade Runner (1982)) Another feature of this aesthetic is the style of text often used in association with Vaporwave. Words and titles often use fullwidth characters like “a e s t h e t i c” or “AESTHETIC” followed by its rough translation in japanese. For example the title of the album featured at the top of this post is called “waterfront dining – NOICE すてきな.” Notice the lack of capitalization in the artist’s name. Also notice on this album is the photo used on the front of the record, it is a snapshot from a 1991 Honda CRX commercial in all of its early 90s warm and grainy glory. This style emerged likely because that is the way Japanese populations saw American popular culture advertised in their own country, and is a throwback to their perspective.

Much of Vaporwave and its variations are composed digitally by chopping, splicing, and reorganizing recordings that already exist and taking the idea of a remix one step further by using the “chopped and screwed” technique, which is an early 90s style of reconstructing hip-hop tunes by way of sampling and manipulating tracks.

So now that you have an idea of what this music is about, give it a listen and envelop yourself in the depiction and representation of the Japanese point of view of 90s America and the warm and nearly trip-inducing authentic synths and samples.

Here are a few more picks to listen from.

~ E N J O Y ~ エンジョイ

-Killer Miller





Destiny 2: New Curse of Osiris Gun, Prometheus Lens, Annihilates Crucible Gameplay


Pretty sweet new DLC huh?

Curse of Osiris has done a lot for Destiny 2 players so far: 5 more levels to achieve, new legendaries and exotics to obtain, new multiplayer maps. What wasn’t predicted was the creation of the new and notorious OP trace rifle exotic, Prometheus Lens.

You thought everyone using Uriel’s Gift on crucible was annoying? Since the release of the new DLC, Uriel’s Gift has been nerfed, and this new laser-accurate troll of a gun was released. In previous guns with the same function, the laser projection would do very low base damage and increase over time, giving the other players time to react. With this bugged abomination the base damage is already really high and STILL increases in damage over time. I don’t know the specifics or timestamps from bungie officials, but when I personally encountered this gun, I was shot dead from full health in less than two seconds. Hardly time for reaction, considering average human reaction time is usually right about or just above two seconds.

Bungie officials admit the gun is bugged and say that the issue will be addressed in their weekly blog.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.00.15 PM

So, the more serious Destiny players seem to agree: Prometheus Lens is broken and makes PvP horrendous. Check out this clip of the newest murder machine if you haven’t already encountered it.


My suggestion to you all:



-Killer Miller

Why I Will Always Love A Mercedes-Benz


Many people discriminate these vehicles for being money pits, and machines that just don’t deserve ownership unless they are 5 years young or newer. There are even mechanics (*cough* Scotty Kilmer *cough*) who downplay the practicality of these vehicles because of parts, labor, and overly complex electrical and hydraulic systems.

My family has owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles for as long as I can remember and what I can say about them is not the same as what the haters of this brand say.

These cars have something that most others don’t: Character. No matter what year or model Mercedes you get, somebody down at the design center of Mercedes spent months and months revising every last detail of that car, constantly modeling and remodeling, making sure that each piece of their intricate design makes sense and provides the luxury and speed the Mercedes brand strives for in all their cars. Every car as the signature of the either Carl Benz or Gottlieb Daimler, signifying that the company still knows its roots as well as adding a slight personal touch to each vehicle.

Now that I got the Mercedes spiel out of the way, what does owning a Mercedes mean to the individual that has a job, family, hobbies (other than working on your car), etc.? If the car is 5 or 10 years old and you plan on becoming a long-term owner, it is inevitable that you’ll have to learn the car. Learn its ins and outs, it mechanical and electrical quirks, its sometimes frustratingly huge amount of sensors, and so on. It is no small feat to learn one of these luxury vehicles, and it certainly comes at a hefty price if you try to take the dealership route. You will end up working on these cars a lot over the years and there’s not much you can do about it, but that is the very thing people like me love.

Even though this hump will drive most of the crowds away, the people passionate about cars like this don’t work on Toyotas for fun. Toyotas are easy, but they are also meager cars with minimalist designs. When you put in the work, you get a car that has so much character you almost feel like you can talk to it.

“Enough with the ‘character’ thing, what about the actual car?” -everyone reading this right now

If you’ve ever ridden in one of these fine luxury automobiles that has been brought back up to factory specs, it floats like a cloud on the road. Whether its traditional strut and spring setup or the high-pressure hydraulic ABC suspension, MB always finds a way to just make them float. Also, the sheer power given to each vehicle really makes them fun to drive. Even just the smallest car in the SL class, the SLK 230, is a 2-seater 4 banger with a supercharger that is nearly the power equivalent to a naturally aspirated M112 V-6.

I am not here to convince you to buy one, but I’m here to defend the iconic brand from being tucked away in people’s minds as a “money pit” just because the parts are above average price and they are monsters to work on.

Happy Wrenching 🙂