The Net Neutrality Issue


Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC.

It is now time to address the monster that has been hanging over not only the gaming industry, but social media, eCommerce, email, and basically anything else you might do on the internet. Net neutrality is known as the principal that all internet providers must treat ALL data usage the same, and the FCC is getting ready to attempt the passing of a movement to destroy net neutrality… again.

This future of the internet without net neutrality includes customers not being able to choose what they want to do freely on the internet and you would have to get an individualized internet plan depending on what you want to do. For instance, if you are a frequent social media/youtube user, you would have to go to your internet provider and pay more for your individual uses of the internet. They call this order the “Restoring Internet Freedom” order, which really refers to the freedom of the internet providing companies, such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, ect., who would be profiting billions off of this order if it is passed.

This not only is a problem for the people who use the internet as entertainment, but also jeopardizes ones who’s careers are based on mediums like YouTube, eBay, and any other blogging/vlogging/ecommerce websites. If this bill is passed, the U.S. government would make a huge step toward monopolization of the internet, the very thing they fought so hard to stop when the infamous Gates v.s. Jobs competition nearly ended in Microsoft eliminating Apple all those years ago.

How would gaming be directly impacted in this devilish business move? I’m glad you asked. If you wanted to play online competitively, your internet connection would be provided at the amount of gigabytes your wallet would let you buy. So, if you encountered a gamer that was significantly more wealthy than you, chances are they’ve gotten their net-neutrality-repealed internet service at far better megabytes per second than you, and that means their connection gives them a huge advantage towards others. This would be unavoidable under the passing of Restoring Internet Freedom. This is only one aspect of the many inevitable problems to come in the gaming industry, but maybe the most obvious.

If this kind of future for the internet irks you the way it irks all of us at KillerMillerGaming and any other person who isn’t part of a billion dollar internet service provider, please speak your voice against the Trump-appointed FCC director Ajit Pai as well as the repeal of Net Neutrality and all that comes with it. Even though the goal amount of people have petitioned to have the white house address this issue, PLEASE STILL SIGN IT HERE:

Net Neutrality Petition

Make your voice be heard!


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