Do I Regret Buying a 4k TV and an Xbox One S So I Can Play With My Friends?


If you’re thinking about doing this exact thing, then I have some insight for you before you actually spend the cash.

Here’s how it started:

I have a friend (lets call him Eugene) who basically has the perfect house for friends. Eugene has rented his rooms out to various crazy characters over the years, but recently they’ve all had one thing in common after living in his house: they were convinced by Eugene to get an Xbox one and play the infamous Destiny 2 with him. I didn’t think I’d ever become a fan of Destiny because an old-school gamer, I saw it as a Halo franchise rip-off with aspects of Diablo III injected into its infrastructure. But sure enough, each and every one of Eugene’s roommates were eventually convinced that they had to buy and play this game right the f#$% now, and so was I.

I decided to jump for it. I just got my school refund, it was pretty close to black Friday, and if I put a new TV in the living room, I’d have one for my own room. Didn’t seem like that bad of an idea. I got the console for around $200 and the 4K tv for about $300. Then Destiny cost about another $40 by the time I was done. This is by far the cheapest setup anyone could get if one wanted the 4k experience as of November of 2017.

I honestly could say I wouldn’t do it a second time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At least I can watch Talladega Nights in 4k.

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