Tekken 7: A New Standard for Fighting Games


Gigas annihilating some poor girl. Shouldn’t have picked a fight with big red man.

Tekken 7 was an arousing success for Namco Entertainment with the release of the innovative fighting game in June 2017. This game brought a new and improved deck of cards to the table; they were the first to develop a game with the game engine Unreal Engine 4, the new ‘Rage Art’ moves unique to every character, ‘Power Crush’ moves, which are moves that let your attack continue even while you’re getting hit by your opponent, and ‘Rage Drive’ and ‘EX/Super’ meters were also added to special character for even more innovative super moves. To clarify, these ‘rage’ systems are completely different from the system implicated in Tekken 6; in Tekken 7, when your health gets low enough, your character will glow red and you have the option to press R1 (RB) or perform a manual combo to activate a powerful move that guarantees a certain amount of health damage to be dealt to your opponent.

This is a huge improvement from Tekken 6, which is outperformed by Tekken 7 in not only design features and improvements with graphical content but also lacks the precision responsiveness of the button action that Tekken 7 has. In my experience, after you learn to play Tekken 7 and get used to luxuries of the game, reverting back to games like Tekken 6 or Mortal Kombat requires a bit of a latency adjustment in your playing.

This game was the best selling physical software in North America in June of 2017, and topped the charts in Japan in its first week of the arcade release, selling over 58,000 copies in Japan alone. This is a first for Namco in over 19 years, since the release of Tekken 3 on the PlayStation 1.

How could I forget? The customization of the characters is hilarious and AWESOME. You can do so much with it; make your characters look hilarious, unrecognizable, badass, or anything you want really. The way you unlock these objects and colors and outfits for your characters is through ‘Treasure Mode’, where you fight CPUs that are gradually more powerful and offer you in-game currency, items, and status symbols upon defeat. Not to mention the ultra-sexy soundtrack you get to listen to while you create your own little Frankenstein monster.

For gameplay I tend to stick with the larger, high-damage characters like Jack-7, Gigas, and Kuma, so my review of personal gameplay would mostly be from the perspective of these type of characters. Although, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing and figuring out the quirks of many other characters in order to give myself the advantage to beat them.

I mainly use Gigas, a humungous humanoid fighter that has nearly OP moves if used correctly. His range is huge, damage is huge, but he is slow at times. This drawback requires you to carefully place your attacks, random button-smashing usually ends up with a squished Gigas. His rage art does an immense amount of damage, and is really something to avoid using frequently if you want to keep your friends. There is also a move called “Kill Dozer” that, when used in succession, can result in a QUICK perfect match against almost anybody. You just gotta watch out for those little guys with lighting punches like Law, Steve, Jin, and Hwoarang. But I still beat them with Gigas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tekken 7 is a must-have in your collection of games, it is the best arcade fighter I’ve seen in a while. Here are some of my favorite game clips for your enjoyment.


Here is Gigas destroying some innocent bystander.


This is an example of pro-level playing on Tekken 7. The combos are INSANE.

  • K i l l e r  ~  M i l l e r

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