5 Jobs You Could Get From Being a Video Game Addict


Have you ever wondered what those video-game playing nerds and losers we all knew in high school ended up doing in life after graduation? Or are you one of those supposed imbeciles yourself and are wondering what the next step is? LOOK NO FURTHER! Here are the top 5 life traits that you get from being addicted to video games, written by a dude that was literally glued to the screen for years.

1. Stenographer/Typing


I don’t know about you, but I had an excellent record of knowing how to spell, read, and type quickly at a very early age from being completely engulfed by MMORPGs like RuneScape. I won three spelling bees in elementary school for god’s sake. There is an immense amount of dialogue to be read with absolutely no voice-overs (Old School RuneScape), as well as my first experiences being a keyboard warrior over some stupid idiot trolling me came from this game. I can only imagine what my words-per-minute were when I was speed-typing insults, not to mention the incredible attention to grammar. If you spelled even one word wrong in the midst of your keyboard rampage, you would just automatically lose any argument according to OSRS trollers.

2. Surgeon/Doctor


I can name tons of first-person shooters that made me really really focus on some little dots moving on my screen that were apparently enemies, much like how a doctor must pay attention to detail on their patients during surgery or else the people start finding toenail clippers between their kidneys. Equip a gaming addict of this type with a couple of scalpels and scrubs, you just might have a next-level surgeon on your hands…?

 3. Manager/Team Leader


If you’re the type of guy that takes control of the team on your PUBG squad, you could probably be a team leader at any retail joint. Just take action, do what you KNOW needs to be done, and execute the responsibilities the way YOU know it’ll be done right. Not to mention thinking on your feet. Like when one person in your squad starts shooting at people that are a mile away and you’re trying to be sneaky? Like, what do you do? Just lose the game? A real team leader would overcome the obstacle and carry us to VICTORY! (Meeting this week’s sales goals)

4. Race Car Driver


If you find yourself playing endless hours of Forza Horizon 3 drifting corners, drag racing, and making your car as fast as physically possible, why not try the real thing? Take out a loan and get a shitty car and make it fast. Win some races. Next thing you know you could be on NASCAR, making that LEFT TURN!

5. Historian


Have you ever met somebody who is a gamer that has an undying fascination about in-game universe lore? Games like the Elder Scrolls series, Dungeons and Dragons, and the like have all kinds of incredibly in-depth stories with details such as names, dates, historical events, and everything else it takes to make the immersion of the game as real as possible. Some people could write a history book about the Elder Scrolls lore. You should see the hundreds of videos that are basically history lessons on these fictional realms. Why not do it for real? Why not learn everything about the real world in the same fashion? You’d be a historian.

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