Sea of Thieves Closed Beta: First Impressions


So, my friends got the closed beta for Sea of Thieves and they have been playing the living hell out of it. I was able to see the cross-compatibility between Xbox One and PC in the same room, which was insane. One guy on the computer, one guy on xbox, playing the SAME GAME IN THE SAME SERVER. IN THE SAME ROOM. Here are some of my first impressions:

THE WATER!!! Seriously, the water is one of the best things about this game. I know it doesn’t tell you anything about the game or how fun it is or anything, but jesus christ its some damn breathtaking water graphics. Even going underwater gives me a little anxiety because it reminds me of when I went down really deep in the actual ocean and I looked upwards and thought “Oh my god, THIS is freaky.” It’s the best water animations in any game today. Definitely a game worth checking out just because of that feat of design.


The gameplay is pretty stupendous. Let’s say you and a friend are going to play a game of Sea of Thieves. You guys are both going to spawn in a boat together on or near an island, and your main goal is to get treasure chests (found by doing quests and following maps/clues) and selling them for gold. Just for reference, 100 gold coins is not really a lot but kind of significant, and 600 gold is probably something worth fighting for if you’re not a wuss. I guess it sounds pretty simple to do when i talk about it, but you also have to be wary of other players, either on Xbox or PC might I add, in their own ships ready to attack your boat, murder you all and take your goodies that you just worked so hard to get. Additionally, you have to travel by sailboat to all of your locations using the actual physics from the wind, the sail, the rudders, and all that other real-world stuff that makes the game super immersive. You might spend 30 minutes just trying to fend your ship off from banditos while on your way to an island just on the horizon. Once you get to the island, you risk having your ship ransacked by anyone that can even see your ship’s silhouette on the horizon, as well as the usual skeleton enemies that appear on land. The combination of the water and realistic sailing makes the battles in this game just SO F$%^ING FUN.


The animation quality and the graphics in general are sort of like real-world imitations mixed with the adult version of the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The cartoonish people and objects juxtaposed with almost real environments is pretty crazy and really immerses you inside of the screen you’re playing. Almost like humans and things that are man-made actually looked that way on the real planet earth.

This is the kind of game you could play for hours and hours and hours on end without stopping because of the nature of the gameplay. Everything I talked about in this little blurb about the game is not even the tip of the iceberg to what the game offers. Check out the videos, pre-order the game, PLAY THE BETA. It’s available for play until 7:00 AM EST Wednesday, January 24th, 2018.

Long story short– it’s so good. REALLY GOOD. Full game releases in March 2018. That’s right, this review was on a pretty limited version of the full game, as said by the FAQ section on the official Sea of Thieves website forums.

“…we want to keep a good selection of things up our sleeves for players to discover at launch.” -Emma Bridle, Engagement Manager, Sea of Thieves


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